Sameer Vaswani is a serial entrepreneur adept at setting up businesses from scratch, including building teams and brands, organizational development, HR management, sales & marketing, international trade & logistics, crisis management, and full scale food manufacturing and management systems (HACCP & FSSC).  As a professionally trained chef, his first venture was an Asian fusion restaurant in London before starting a confectionary business that manufactured and sold the Haansbro range of confectionary products. Having built a household brand and amassing sales of $150M, the business was sold to United Biscuits (U.K.) Ltd. in a two stage takeover between 2014-2016. His new venture, Prodigy Snacks Ltd. brings healthier confectionary choices to the U.K./EU markets. He is also a founder of One Pro Nutrition, which brings a range of clean sports nutrition products to the active consumer set. Sameer is also involved as investor and advisor to a handful of consumer wellness brands in the UK and US. 

Sameer brings a wealth of business expertise in consumer F&B and serves as Rocana’s advisor on these opportunities.  Additionally, he provides deep insights on the U.K. market in the Better-for-You snacking space, which aligns to our global view of trends moving west to east.