Meera Vasudevan is the co-founder of Preferred Brands International, which manufactures and markets ’Tasty Bite’  ( She and her business partner and husband, Ashok Vasudevan launched Tasty Bite in the US in 1995 and today sell its range of natural and organic, ready to eat international foods in the US and many parts of the world. She is responsible for global marketing and also heads up the Tasty Bite research center (“TBRC”) within Tasty Bite. She has developed a unique model to find common intersections between TBRC and marketing, production, quality control and supply chain, while maintaining innovation as a core part of Tasty Bite’s strategy. Tasty Bite exited to Mars Inc ( in 2018.

In addition to Meera serving an advisor to Mars on product innovation, she and her husband, Ashok, have recently incorporated MAV Holdings Pte  (“MAVH”) in Singapore whose charter is to incubate a global research center combined with an accelerator and advisory services with the goal of bringing food and agri based wellness solutions to the market.  Our portfolio companies will tremendously benefit from Meera’s acumen and guidance including Rocana’s partnership with MAVH across many areas.